Asteroid City Box Office Performance: Analyzing Hit or Flop?

Asteroid City Box Office Performance: Analyzing Hit or Flop?

Asteroid City Box Office Performance: Success or Failure?

MovieAsteroid City (2023)
Release DateJune 16, 2023
Theatres Counts1600+
Production Budget$25.00 Million
Prints & Adv Cost$50.00 Million
Domestic Gross$28.15 Million
Overseas Gross$25.58 Million
Worldwide Gross$53.73 Million
Movie Verdict (Box Office)Flop

In-Text: Universal’s ‘Asteroid City’ has so far grossed $28.15 million domestically and $53.73 million globally against its small budget of $25 million, additionally spending $50 million for marketing. Considering its marketing and production costs, ‘Asteroid City’ would need a minimum of $80 million globally to avoid a loss, but that’s almost impossible. Furthermore, based on its poor performance, ‘Asteroid City’ is considered a box office bomb by industry experts.

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MovieAsteroid City (2023)
MPAA RatingPG-13
DirectorWes Anderson
StarCastJason Schwartzman
Scarlett Johansson
Tom Hanks
Jeffrey Wright
Edward Norton
Tilda Swinton
Bryan Cranston
Adrien Brody
Liev Schreiber
Hope Davis
WriterWes Anderson
Roman Coppola
ProducerWes Anderson
Jeremy Dawson
Steven Rales
ProductionAmerican Empirical Pictures
Indian Paintbrush
DistributorFocus Features (USA)
Universal Pictures (International)

Critical Response

Rotten Tomatoes75/100%
Cinema ScoreB
Post Track78/100%
The Guardian4/5*
Overall ResponsePositive
Asteroid City Box Office Performance: Analyzing Hit or Flop?

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3 thoughts on “Asteroid City Box Office Performance: Analyzing Hit or Flop?

  1. Something has happened to Wes. His last attempts to entertain, included Isle of dogs, The French Dispatch, and Asteroid City. I just spent 6 bucks renting Asteroid, and it sucks. Somebody needs to….well, in all truthfulness, his best work might be behind him. I love his movies, but I despise the latest three.

  2. I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan, and Asteroid City was the first film of his that I’ve outright disliked.
    It felt to me like he was doing a parody of a Wes Anderson film. I found it incredibly dull, and nothing really happened. VERY disappointing.

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