All Hollywood Actors Net Worth List 2023 | A to Z

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All Hollywood Actors Net Worth List 2023 | A to Z
All Hollywood Actors Net Worth List 2023 | A to Z

Hollywood Actors Net Worth List 2023 | A to Z

Actor NameNet Worth 2023
Aaron Eckhart$12 Million
Aaron Paul$20 Million
Aaron Taylor-Johnson$18 Million
Adam Sandler$50 Million
Adrien Brody$10 Million
Alexander Skarsgård$14 Million
Al Pacino$120 Million
Andrew Garfield$16 Million
Andy Serkis$18 Million
Anthony Hopkins$170 Million
Anthony Mackie$8 Million
Arnold Schwarzenegger$480 Million
Ben Affleck$150 Million
Ben Foster$20 Million
Ben Stiller$218 Million
Benedict Cumberbatch$45 Million
Brad Pitt$320 Million
Bradley Cooper$100 Million
Brendan Fraser$20 Million
Channing Tatum$85 Million
Chiwetel Ejiofor$16 Million
Chris Evans$80 Million
Chris Hemsworth$130 Million
Chris Pine$35 Million
Chris Pratt$80 Million
Christian Bale$120 Million
Cillian Murphy$20 Million
Colin Farrell$80 Million
Daniel Craig$160 Million
Dave Bautista$16 Million
Denzel Washington$300 Million
Don Cheadle$40 Million
Dwayne Johnson$800 Million
Ezra Miller$6 Million
George Clooney$550 Million
Gerard Butler$80 Million
Henry Cavill$50 Million
Hugh Jackman$180 Million
Idris Elba$30 Million
Jack Nicholson$420 Million
Jackie Chan$520 Million
Jake Gyllenhaal$80 Million
James Franco$30 Million
Jared Leto$90 Million
Jason Clarke$6 Million
Jason Momoa$25 Million
Jason Statham$100 Million
Jean Reno$70 Million
Jeff Goldblum$45 Million
Jeremy Renner$80 Million
Jerry Seinfeld$1.1 Billion
Jesse Eisenberg$10 Million
Jim Carrey$35 Million
Joaquin Phoenix$60 Million
John Cena$80 Million
John Cusack$50 Million
John Travolta$260 Million
Johnny Depp$150 Million
Jude Law$75 Million
Justin Timberlake$250 Million
Karl Urban$20 Million
Keanu Reeves$380 Million
Kevin Hart$450 Million
Kevin Spacey$70 Million
Kit Harington$14 Million
Laurence Fishburne$20 Million
Leonardo DiCaprio$260 Million
Mads Mikkelsen$14 Million
Mark Ruffalo$35 Million
Mark Wahlberg$420 Million
Matt Damon$170 Million
Mel Gibson$425 Million
Michael Keaton$40 Million
Michael Shannon$8 Million
Morgan Freeman$250 Million
Nicolas Cage$25 Million
Oscar Isaac$12 Million
Patrick Wilson$7 Million
Paul Bettany$50 Million
Paul Dano$14 Million
Paul Rudd$70 Million
Pedro Pascal$10 Million
Peter Dinklage$25 Million
Pierce Brosnan$210 Million
Ralph Fiennes$50 Million
Ray Stevenson$8 Million
Riz Ahmed$3 Million
Robert De Niro$520 Million
Robert Downey Jr.$300 Million
Russell Crowe$120 Million
Ryan Gosling$80 Million
Ryan Reynolds$150 Million
Sam Neill$18 Million
Sam Worthington$30 Million
Samuel L. Jackson$270 Million
Sebastian Stan$8 Million
Sylvester Stallone$450 Million
Tobey Maguire$75 Million
Tom Cruise$620 Million
Tom Hanks$400 Million
Tom Hardy$55 Million
Tom Hiddleston$25 Million
Tom Holland$25 Million
Tyler Perry$1 Billion[1]
Vin Diesel$255 Million
Will Smith$350 Million
Willem Dafoe$40 Million
Zac Efron$25 Million
All Hollywood Actors Net Worth List 2023 | A to Z

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