Is Easter Sunday Hit Or Flop? How’s The Universal Pictures’ Easter Sunday Performed At Box Office?

Is Easter Sunday Hit Or Flop? How's The Universal Pictures' Easter Sunday Performed At Box Office?
Is Easter Sunday Hit Or Flop? How’s The Universal Pictures’ Easter Sunday Performed At Box Office? (PicSource: Easter Sunday Movie)

There have been poor reviews of Universal Pictures’ latest comedy-drama ‘Easter Sunday’, but despite the poor critical response to the film, ‘Easter Sunday’ stars at the box office with good numbers, and that’s good news for the film’s makers, but the question is how good and it will be a commercial success.

Is Easter Sunday Hit Or Flop?

Is Easter Sunday Hit Or Flop? How's The Universal Pictures' Easter Sunday Performed At Box Office?
Is Easter Sunday Hit Or Flop? How’s The Universal Pictures’ Easter Sunday Performed At Box Office? (PicSource: Easter Sunday Movie)

According to reports, Universal Pictures’ Jo Koy starring comedy drama ‘Easter Sunday’ in the USA premiered on 5 August 2022 in more than 3100 theaters, collecting $2.03 million on its opening day and $5.44 million on its opening weekend at the domestic box office. Overall, ‘Easter Sunday’ has so far collected $13.01 million domestically and $57k overseas, for a worldwide total of $13.07 million[1].

With an opening gross of $5 million, the $17 million production ‘Easter Sunday’ performed up to expectations at the box office, even when it was released with Brad Pitt’s ‘Bullet Train’. But on the other side, ‘Easter Sunday’ needs to earn more than $50 million at the box office to recover its total cost including prints and advertisements, and to be successful. $50 million is not a huge amount, but critics claimed that ‘Easter Sunday’ is not a long-running film, and when the film receives poor reviews, it means the film will end its box office with less than $20 million, which is not well, and ‘Easter Sunday’ is overall an Flop film.

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Is Easter Sunday Hit Or Flop? How's The Universal Pictures' Easter Sunday Performed At Box Office?
Is Easter Sunday Hit Or Flop? How’s The Universal Pictures’ Easter Sunday Performed At Box Office? (PicSource: Easter Sunday Movie)

A notable thing is that even if the film meets its cost, it is enough for Universal Pictures because this low-budget film won’t make any difference. Universal Pictures is already enjoying the success of ‘Jurassic World Dominion’‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’, and ‘The Black Phone’, so a $10-20 million loss is a bit.

Talking about the critical response, then the ”Easter Sunday’ received a 5.3/10* IMDb rating, and on Rotten Tomatoes, it scored 41/100% based on 68 reviews.

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52 thoughts on “Is Easter Sunday Hit Or Flop? How’s The Universal Pictures’ Easter Sunday Performed At Box Office?

  1. I do not about critics..

    They are being paid… it is a job… are they all knowing that what they view are gospel truth???

  2. I think the movie missed its mark. Its a comedy but its a cultural comedy shared only within less than 1 % of the filipino american population not comedy for mainstream. Story is not american enough, dont you get it ? Filipino maybe but not mainstream.

  3. He’s a hapa who does not speak Tagalog, nor any other Filipino dialect. Does not travel to the Philippines regularly.

    He appears to reek of american artificiality and fakeness. There’s a bit of hustler in him -trying to make a buck off of Filipinos with recycled jokes etc.. Dolphy, Rex Navarette, etc are the the real deal. This half-white/half Filipino, US empire born person appears only in it for a $ sign. Our opinions only. The movie which of course was pitched for these grand “humanitarian” purposes greatly missed the mark-and it wreaks of superficiality and a huckster trying to pad his wallet.

    1. At least he tried to break the mainstream media. Just because he’s mixed doesn’t mean he is not representing our culture. His Mom raised him the Filipino way. Stop the hating!

    2. So much hate on this post. Just be happy for someone that is doing great in his career … Filipino or not. He talks about Filipino culture a lot and so I am not understanding the fakeness that you are talking about. He is half Filipino, half white. My daughter is half Filipino and Half Chilean and she can totally relate to his comedy. It is not his fault that he is mixed, but you are a total HATER it is sad.

    3. My family and I worked as background performers on this movie. I can confirm he spoke Tagalog fluently with my aunt. It surprised me as well.
      You’re right, he doesn’t travel back to the Philippines much, but maybe becuase he is busy touring for his stand up shows and pursuing other opportunities.

      I agree that Rex’s material is much more reflective of our culture and funnier.

      I was also disappointed in the final product that was released. It definitely could not grasp the entire beauty of the filipino culture and was limited to a corny, single family focused film.

    4. May masabi lang. can’t you just be happy that somebody is trying. If you can’t give ‘em ur buck atleast don’t say shit.

      I know full blooded Filipinos that can’t speak a lick of tagalog or any any Filipino dialect nor even stepped foot in the mother land. All they have is a made land in their imagination.

      Just stfu

    5. Jokoy can fill up the biggest stadium in the US and other part of the world wherever he has shows. That is a big achievement when you compare to other filipino artists living and dead. We cannot take the reality that there are still bad apples in a basket who tear down and spew negativity around his neighbors. TALANGKA mentality is what it is!!!
      Have you seen a group of Filipino who helps their fellow country man/ woman/kids in times of needs, here in US or other part of the world? We brag about how big is our LV purse and how shiny is our brand new honda civic but when it comes to helping one another we are poor at this section and you are the biggest example!!!

    6. You’re a hater. I’m Filipino, do not speak Tagalog and do not travel to the Philippines regularly. That’s your and many’s problem in the Philippines being judgmental. Get a life bitch.

  4. It is like Crazy Rich Asians-minus the rich part, the generally well written part, and the mostly authenticity part.

    Jo Koy’s a half-white dude whose entire act is mostly based on making fun of his Asian/Filipino half from the American perspective NOT real Philippines perspective, nor real Filipino culture from the Philippines. He’s a culture vulture for a buck.

    I get that there are some truths in the stereotypes but those are low hanging fruits. Him making fun of the Pinoy accents,nurses, karaoke, vicks and rice is getting really old and overused.

    Masyadong pilit at paulit ulit nalang punch lines nya. Kelan pa naging Super Bowl ng mga Pinoy ang Easter Sunday? I am a FilAm too but it feels that he’s totally out of touch even with our culture here. He is just sprinkling random Pinoy stuff to make it look exotic to out of touch FilAms (Filipinx)/ other races. He’s not exotic, he’s American as apple pie and endless wars.

    Pansin niyo mas benta mga corny/cringe humor niya sa mga ibang lahi(na may asawang pinay) at mga Filipinx na wala masyado alam/ experience sa actual culture natin.

    I’m not going to be a hypocrite and entirely negative about Jo Koy because I enjoyed some of his jokes. But I really don’t see how this moves the needle for FilAms/ Asians here. How does his brand of humor portray us in positive light? It just gives other races license to laugh at our culture and stereotypes because a half-filipino dude is making them for money. And yes, his first wife was Anglo, and he’s currently dating another Anglo. So much for that Pinoy pride…..

  5. It looks like a Filipino exploitation film by the Americans for the Americans who dress up as Filipinos. Not those who are true to their culture and history. Mr. Kloy exploits his lack of depth of the culture and knows it’s a cash grab for FilAms.
    He went to PH once?!?! What a bad joke. And yes, was raised by a FilAm mother, yet doesn’t speak a lick of our languages/!!?
    He is half Filipino and thinks he really knows PH culture? He’s American. He’s know what sells and how to get our money. How arrogant. He’s the Tyler Perry of Filipino movies-half baked, stereotypes that appeal to Americanized “Filipinos”. His kids are 25% Filipino too? Curious if they speak Tagalog? Do they know their history, culture, music etc..Nope. Just weird food, weird accents, weird customs ccrrrraaazy immigrants in the states–must be another Filipino exploitation film from propaganda -ville Hollywood.
    Anything for buck Mr Kloy-you are American.

  6. The movie is funny I really enjoyed it!!! Too bad these filipinos gave negative comments for JO!!! Why cant we just be happy Jo made a movie about us!!!!

  7. Po, the movie was not about Filipino culture. It’s a movie not abt « us ».
    It’s about this superficial person making a buck off of us with his fake persona and overused rehashed American schtick. His latest Anglo Saxon girlfriend looks at Filipino like pets, oh aren’t they cute, ohh my brother is narrying another « one »… »one » « them ». disrespectful Po. We’re not happy being American doormats.

    It’s a Hollywood stereotype portrayal with this interloper.

    He’s a US born Hapa enriching himself off of PH-and know little about the PH. Most people who think he’s funny are American Filipinos bc they’re desperate for a hero. He’s yet another Hollywood type looking to get rich off of his American Filipino half.

    Why doesn’t he speak our language? Why doesn’t he really know our history other than artificial American stereotypes? Tinikling? No jokes abt his Anglo-Saxon half?

    No, it is Anglo worship for Filams with some weird food, weird accents, silly customs and crrazzzy immigrant stories that is predictable via demeaning US Hollywood portrayals.

    He’s disgraceful. He’s the Tyler Perry / « Carlos » Mencina for FilAms. How sad.

  8. In my opinion, the movie was not good. It flopped. The FilAms are likely in denial because they so need to someone to represent them in the pop “culture” of the states. And it appears to be a 1/2 white guy born in Americas who dates white girls. Wow. Cognitive dissonance fest.

    The cinema movie used lots of stereotyping-maybe the director or movie studio told him to do this gimmicky portrayal of immigrants. Plus he was born in the US and is half white, and dates exclusively white US girls. Why not date Filipinas if he states he’s so so proud of his Filipino 1/2. Wants to fakely appear and act “exotic” -he looks like Howie Mandel and the Rock combined. Not Filipino.

    He doesn’t know PH. He wants our money though. Doesn’t speak our language, nor know our customs. It’s just a gimmick for him to get money. It’s pathetic that some FilAms fall for this “used car salesman. It reduced our culture to stereotypes, generalities, and overused cliches. And Yes, the Carlos” (Ned) Mecena of Filipinos is spot on. He’s another pettifogger American poseur, who appears to have resonated with American Spanish biscuits. Not surprising. We need to be proud of real Filipinos, not this US portrayal of us. It’s a circus. Debased and degenerate. The terrible movie was an American depiction of a 1/2 filipino person who is very confused and simply wants American money. Sorry to say because there is so much lost potential and opportunity to really showcase our culture.

    1. Why is dating a white girls a big deal? Almost all Filipina would prefer a white guy than a Flip even here in the PH itself that is why Pinoys are a sorry state- the last option. So for me I am happy seeing a Pinoy, even half Pinoy dating a white chick.

  9. Too bad for the negative reviews , if you were born and raised with negativity then you’ll always happy to criticize anything and always without fail find flaws.I love the movie. I enjoyed it period. Keep up the good work Jo Koy ! Nice to see Tia Carrere & Lou Diamond Phillips in this movie ,too.

  10. The movie was Good and Funny!!! I loved it!! Just like the way the filipinos are!!! Thank you for making the film Jo Koy. You rock!!!! Just wish we have more positive and supportive filipino people!!!!

  11. The movie is a depiction of Filipinos/Fil Ams living in the US. Of course some of the behaviors are Americanized. If you’re expecting pure Filipino experience from this movie, you’re a fool! It’s a good funny movie, I enjoyed it.

  12. It’s nice that you enjoyed the movie. Most did not. The ratings, reviews, and metrics show a different reality to your “liking” it bc of some odd parasocial thing with this US born 1/2 white guy opportunist.

    Where were Dolphy references and Rex Naverette in the movie? Disrespectful to real Filipinos. Not an opportunistic hustler who exclusively dates whites. He was born in the US empire. He’s american, not Filipino. He’s at best 1/2 Filipino dude. He came to the Ph once, and was a bad joke. Got the celeb treatment, but we could all tell, this guys artificial, superficial, he’s fake. He’s american. Got into the fancy car and flew back to the states first class. He’s a low life. Please don’t fall for this US hustler.

    He tries too hard to be “exotic.” This is NOT the way Filipinos are, it is the way some FilAms are. boba liberals, or some FilAms who are white worshippers. He is simply monetizing his half Filipino side Po.

    His hustle are simply Stereotypes: nurses, rice cooking, auntie charactures, lotsa food, vicks (everyone uses that) accented English, low hanging fruit for “comedy.” It’s not good that FilAms are reduced to low brow stereotyping, and the FilAms are happy for this swill? It’s gimmicky and feeds the American depiction of immigrants as weirdos and not like WASPS.

    What is “negativity”-reality Po? This half white guy is another race hustler, and only out for a buck off of his half filipino-ness. Also, this parasocial thing towards a white worshipping man is a bit odd. He’s not your friend, he’s a typical USian who only cares about money. He wants the FilAms money, and it apparently works as his fanboys and fangirls are blinded to reality-as predicted–they want to be seen on the “big screen”–well it bombed. Stereotypes and cliches, as he gets a limo home to his white girlfriend. Pinoy pride Po!

    That’s why many FilAms are Spanish biscuits and doormats to WASP culture. This dude is the pied piper of bs.

  13. I liked the movie a little bit. It was ok. Not great. It had funny moments and the lesson about being a strong family and feeling good really pulled on our hearts. I agree however that some of his material is not appropriate and comes off as fake. It is like he is trying too hard to be different and to appeal to American Filipinos, Americanized Filipinos who identity more as white people than Filipino.
    Let us say there is an American born, half Chinese, half White person, they have never been to China, they do not speak Mandarin or Cantonese, they do not know much about authentic Chinese history, culture, etc…

    Then they do a full comedy thing about their Chinese half, with me so horny American stereotypes, love you wrong time, vulgar exagerrated Chinese accents, overdone rice obsessions, overused green tea jokes, bad drivers due to narrow eyes, generic dysfunctional family, etc..etc..then a crime scene, speeding chase to appeal to the American audience?! That’s weird and might be the USA’s affinity for violence and crime.
    Maybe that half Chinese person is just the lowest common denominator for money or for the studio cinema overlord capitalist. They might call the shots, and the Filipino Americans just dance to their tune.
    So, let’s build each other up and be proud of being Filipino, because that’s all we have. The USA is gonzo. But the Philippines is forever! Love your language, your culture, and your history. And brush up on your tinikling.

  14. Let’s commend Jokoy and be happy for him! I bet all of you who’ve made negative comments about the movie would have a different perspective if you were part of it – clearly you aren’t , and clearly he is because he bravely ventured in this kind of endeavor. And Kudos to him!

  15. Part of what Po? Part of American propaganda of our people portrayed by a half Filipino American born dude? This parasocial thing is sad. Investing all this time, energy, emotions into a person who doesn’t even know we exist. He’s not our friend, our “champion”. He’s another US style hustler trying to make a buck off of us. His “movie” did quite poorly and not surprisingly.

    It could have been so much more with real substance–like the movie: “My brothers and sisters of the North” by native Korean director Sung-Hyung Cho who is German. heartfelt, authentic, real, not scripted nonsense, with inauthentic “exotic-ness”–he’s even outta touch with most FilAms except those who are clueless and want so bad to be accepted by the American Anglo Saxons.

    “Bravely ventured” into what–Dolphy did this. Rex Naverrette did this. Need to please read history Po. This American 1/2 filipino who some Filams worship is a johnny come lately hu$tler who wants only 1 thing: dinero and Anglo acceptance. He monetized his half filipino side with recycled, re-used low hanging fruit “jokes”-depictions of ‘accents.’

    As some have already said, there’s no such thing as “negativity”-only fiction and non fiction Po. It’s one’s perceptions/feelings/emotions in a pathological para social way to this dude.

    No different than a 1/2 white 1/2 black person who does comedic roasting his black 1/2 –using nothing but low hanging fruit stereotypes, blackcents, eubonics, fried chicken, watermelons, grits, rap, basketball, low end depictions, for a few laughs as he goes home to his Anglo wife/ girl friend.

    Again, the sole interests: $ and status. The Filipino Am thing is nothing more than another US empire style hustle. Thk used car salesman with a tan.

    1. To Bart why are you so negative… I don’t get it are you jealous.. if you don’t have anything good to say keep your mouth shut. You’re wasting too much energy. Spend your time doing something you enjoy and not waste it on writing negative things about somebody who’s just to trying to make a living. Get a life!

    2. To Bart – are you in the Philippines? di po kami ganyan magisip- Di rin po ako nagandahan sa pelikula pero kultura po ng Pinoy ang di manira ng ibang tao so with that- you yourself failed your test of being a true Pinoy.

    3. Bart, you need A LOT of self-reflection. Stop projecting your racism, your failures, your deep-seated hatred in yourself and jealousy of others onto people you don’t know. You think you’re so smart when in fact you are very ignorant. You do not speak for Filipinos and Filipino-Americans.

  16. The movie was funny and good. it will be a great movie to watch again and again and again with our loved ones. Just like the way the Filipinos are, so true. Those accents are so funny and the rice jokes!!! Will he create charity or give his vast earnings from this amazing movie to a Filipino charities? We shall see. Hope so, because he wants to help Filipinos, that’s what it seems to be. Time will tell.
    In the meantime, let’s praise all mighty things and believe in the love of each other and hope in these very difficult times. Salamat.

  17. Jokoy is doing his part to make Filipino relevant so they don’t have to act American ti be accepted and just be comfortable with their own skin. What’s wrong with Filipino? We critique instead of supporting one another.

  18. The movie is funny and it’s actually almost portrays the Filipino culture. And I don’t think he made fun of Filipinos either. Some Filipinos don’t want to accept the truth.

  19. I’m so over Filipinos standing in the way of other Filipinos. Jo Koy broke the seal and for that I’m grateful. Shame on all of you who say he’s half so he doesn’t get to share his story because it’s not authentic. Comedy is based on stereotypes and every Filipino I know makes fun of themselves for the accent, the karaoke, the food, etc. It’s a comedy, chill out and laugh with the rest of us. And he IS Filipino. Half, quarter, whatever… do NOT put people who have mixed ethnicities in a box and say they cannot be representatives of any heritage they possess. It’s discriminatory.

  20. I’m so over Filipinos standing in the way of other Filipinos. Jo Koy broke the seal and for that I’m grateful. Shame on all of you who say he’s half so he doesn’t get to share his story because it’s not authentic. It’s his experience, not yours. And frankly, it’s very much a shared experience.

    Comedy is based on stereotypes and every Filipino I know makes fun of themselves for the accent, the karaoke, the food, etc. It’s a comedy, chill out and laugh with the rest of us.

    And he IS Filipino. Half, quarter, whatever… do NOT put people who have mixed ethnicities in a box and say they cannot be representatives of any heritage they possess. It’s discriminatory.

  21. There are a lot of Filipino haters all up in this thread. I celebrate that Filipinos have been spot lighted. How can you judge a person without knowing a person. As Fil-am I’m proud jo koy has brought a positive light the community when there is very little. If the film did well, I’m sure many in this thread would have a different take.

    The film was written by an Asian who isn’t Filipino. Probably why some of the jokes came out flat. I hope that this is not the last time Filipinos get an opportunity. Thankfully the haters in this room can’t stop the momentum Asian Americans including Filipinos are making in Hollywood.

    1. Ken Cheng, the writer, was born in the Philippines. He’s ethnic Chinese and speaks Tagalog as his first language. I know because I interviewed him. It’s very difficult to make a film, to make a profit, and at the same time make up for many years of non-representation. It is very difficult to be the film that so many people have been waiting for and to fulfill all their expectations. For that you need to make many films, and you need an industry to support the making of those films, and you need an audience who shows their willingness to watch those stories. I think they achieved what they set out to achieve, a comedy about family. If the audience turnout was greater, that would support the making of the other films you want to see made. The negativity I see on this thread just makes it more difficult to make them.

  22. My husband and I were born in the Philippines .We have been residing in the USA for more than two decades now. We watched Koy’s movie because it’s a movie that represents Filipino culture and we are proud. The movie wasn’t that bad for a start. We hope that Koy and the rest of Filipino actors and actresses would make more movies in the USA moving forward. Even though he is half Filipino, I still see him as Filipino or Filipino-American. We should be proud that they were doing it with Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, Inc with Steven Spielberg. It’s a great opportunity. Congratulations Koy!

  23. For GOD SAKE peeps, it’s just a comedy! Jo Koy is an accomplished comedian who has sold out concert halls etc. Whatever happened to enjoying films on the silver screen for what they are? I guess most of you are so busy HATING that you missed the whole point completely. With all the BS, turmoil and tragedies going around the world, LAUGH A LITTLE!

  24. The negative comments about Jo Koy only being half filipino and him exploiting a half baked filipino culture is ridiculous. He is American , born half white, raised predominantly by his filipino mother. This is his truth, he Fil-Am and not from Phillipines. Filipinos need to understand that there are many types us. Many of us have left our homeland in search of better lives, had kids and the following generations grow up as citizens of the country of birth, whether American, Canadian, Australian, ect…but one thing we have in common are our Filipino values, family, culture and values. Don’t hate because Jo Koy doesn’t your narrative of what a Filipino is. Embrace that we finally have representation. Now the future generations can say, i am Filipino, I can do that.

  25. Wow! I am so blown away by the haters who actually hate themselves and it shows…I am an Italo American and find joy when we are made fun of…if you can’t make fun of yourself and embrace the American culture along with your ethnicity then crawl back in the black hole that you live in…Jo Koy truly loves his culture…both Filipino and American…I truly love his sense of humor and he is genuinely a good person…I see it and obviously all his fans see it…you dark negative people only see darkness…I only feel pity for you…maybe one day you will crawl out of your dark holes and see that there is good out there…and that comedy is comedy…it’s not serious you haters.

    1. You can’t please them all sabi nga nila. I love Jo koy. More power to him and all Filipinos and Filipinos in heart. ALOHA!

  26. Let’s aee these negatrons make a movie! That is the typical crab mentality of Pinoys. So sad! Bashers will never be happy. Get a life, Negatron! Kumain ka ng Pinoy comfort food at baka gumanda pakiramdam mo at pananaw sa buhay! Tse!!! (o di ba— Pinoy na Pinoy ang TSE!!! TSE KA RIN!!!) hahaha

  27. It’s a comedy about a culture the way it was perceived by the creative director. That’s their job. It will not represent everything you expect from your end. Lighten up people!! That’s why it’s called FICTION. Don’t introduce HATE into something that may not even be real. It might be a flop ….who knows? But it broke barriers in Hollywood. Even Steven Spielberg co-financed the movie!

  28. Jo Koy has been very instrumental in showcasing the Filipino culture, beliefs and values. I watched the movie and I am so proud on what Jo Koy did together with the other casts. They showed the world that Filipinos are extraordinary!

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