Is Elvis Hit Or Flop? How’s The Warner Bros’ Biopic Drama Performed at Box Office?

Is Elvis Hit Or Flop? How's The Warner Bros' Biopic Drama Performed at Box Office?
Is Elvis Hit Or Flop? How’s The Warner Bros’ Biopic Drama Performed at Box Office? (Pic Source: Instagram/ Elvis)

Warner Bros’ production Elvis Presley’s life-based film ‘Elvis’, was released in the theaters, and the film has received generally positive reviews from critics and the audience, and overall, it’s proven a good tribute, and not only critical response, but according to reports, the film has also performed well at the box office.

Is Elvis Hit Or Flop?

Is Elvis Hit Or Flop? How's The Warner Bros' Biopic Drama Performed at Box Office?
Is Elvis Hit Or Flop? How’s The Warner Bros’ Biopic Drama Performed at Box Office? (Pic Source: Instagram/ Elvis)

According to reports, Elvis Presley’s biopic film ‘Elvis’ released in the USA on 24 June 2022 in 3906 theaters, collected $12.75 million on opening day and $31.21 million on opening weekend at the domestic box office. Overall, ‘Elvis’s total earnings at $151.04 million domestically and $137.63 million overseas, for a worldwide $288.67 million[1] against an $85 million production budget.

Against an $85 million budget, the so-far box office may look good, but it’s also a fact that makers have spent almost $185-200 million on film, including prints and advertising costs, and easy to say that if ‘Elvis’ wants to be a successful film, then at least film has to earn $250 million at the box office. If we look at the box office so far, then it can be estimated that the film will end with more than $290 million global, which is too well, and for now, with mosty positive reviews, ‘Elvis’ is a successful film at the box office.

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Is Elvis Hit Or Flop? How's The Warner Bros' Biopic Drama Performed at Box Office?
Is Elvis Hit Or Flop? How’s The Warner Bros’ Biopic Drama Performed at Box Office? (Pic Source: Instagram/ Elvis)

Talking about exact critical responses, then ‘Elvis’ received a 7.3/10* IMDb rating based on 216k votes, and on Rotten Tomatoes, it scored 77/100% based on 398 reviews.

‘Elvis’ is a successful film and the film has won the hearts of the people, and according to many critics, ‘Elvis’ will be seen as a cult film in history, especially for the performance of stars Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Colonel Tom Parker, Olivia DeJonge, and Helen Thomson. Overall, it’s a good tribute, in terms of reviews and box office.

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58 thoughts on “Is Elvis Hit Or Flop? How’s The Warner Bros’ Biopic Drama Performed at Box Office?

    1. Thanks Stephen!
      But to the writers of the article—
      Is this writer awake?. The movie is fantastic, and maybe helped stop some of the foolish “thank you very much” jokes. They obviously have no idea what they are talking about, as they listed “the acting performance” of Colonel Tom Parker, who has been dead for about 30 years!.
      As a long time disc-jockey, and Elvis fan, I was not excited about the movie, as I thought it would be hokey. It turns out it is great, and a lot of younger people were in the audience!. Maybe these critics are hooked on the stuff that Marvel is putting out?. The only comment in the article that makes sense is that it is a certain market, but as far as it being “unsuccessful”, why did it beat out “Top Gun Maverick”????

      1. This is about the financial side of the film nobody is arguing that the movie itself is good. On the financial side it may be the last Elvis movie. On production alone it cost 85 million to make. Marketing and everything else drives that number up. The question is not quality of the film. It’s if the world has a big enough audience wanting to watch it.

      2. I saw the film and I was not satisfied. The film is not very good, yet it could have been very good, if they included the beautiful songs of Elvis….etc. The film is clearly not good; except the begining

          1. It was unbelievable. I saw it five times at the theater l and will be watching it forever when I get the movie at home. It also brought Elvis back in focus for me. I love Austin Butler.

          2. It was unbelievable. I saw it five times at the theater l and will be watching it forever when I get the movie at home. It also brought Elvis back in focus for me. I love Austin Butler.

    2. You are correct…it is where you finish and Austin Butler is finished. Tom Hanks should crawl into a corner and cry and I’m sure he will not want his name involved with this movie going forward just like he did in the movie..I believe the name of it is That Thing You Do.

  1. The film was fantastic and I didn’t get bore even for a second. As a music lover this is the best movie I have come across in recent times. Credit goes to the wonderful actor Austin butler who showed us how the Elvis was as an artist and person during his prime and struggling days. His energy and dance moves were outstanding throughout the movie.
    Overall it was a complete ride of stardom, emotions, depiction of political, religious and racial situations of 60s and 70s era.
    Even if you are not a music lover this movie can show you the courageous and rebellious nature of superstar Elvis Presley, who died at the age of 42 but left his mark on earth in shape of his songs which will last forever. Whether it is “Falling in love” or “Suspicious minds”, he will be remembered for a long time in our hearts.

  2. Top Gun:Maverick has actually not done nearly as well at the B.O. as people are being lead to believe.

    The total cost for that film was somewhere in the $500,000,000 range.

    You heard me.

    Top Gun:Maverick, due to its exorbitant insurance costs(owing to a nearly 2 year release delay and the use of actual jet fighters), publicity and marketing the ACTUAL cost is around half a billion dollars.

    That $1,000,000,000 at the box office isn’t nearly as successful as people are being lead to believe.

    On top of that, like the original, it’s nothing more than a giant recruitment/video game commercial.

  3. Lol the film is literally probably going to make 250. And the holds are great on it. This sounds like a hater wrote this article. No substantial facts to it.

    1. this movie easily would have cracked the 500 million mark and more probably would have passed Bohemian Rhapsody if not for the post-covid jitters people still have of going out no question in my mind also this movie wasn’t even shown in Japan or was it China because he was huge there…

    1. 250 with DVD and home movies. Elvis will get there by summer’s end. And it’s great entertainment. To me personally, it wasn’t as good as Cooper’s “A Star is Born” but it’s still a once in 5 years movie.

      1. I think 200 million would bring a profit. I am shocked it’s not making more. Have not seen it yet but have not seen a bad review. I think this is more of a reflection of the movie goer’s r wanting to see. After bohemian Rhapsody and rocket man they may be getting tired of rock dramas.

        1. if it wasn’t for the post -covid jitters of going out more this movie would have easily crossed the 500million mark no question…

  4. I haven’t been to a movie theater in 10 years .. I went to see Elvis on Saturday July 2 …. I’m going again on July 4th .. then again July 7th .. it probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen .. it made he want to sing and dance and I haven’t felt that in years .. if it isn’t voted best picture of the year, then obviously it was a stolen election 😂

  5. Brilliant film. Best movie I have seen in a long time. Need to see it again to take every thing in.

  6. DVD sells don’t count when making large budget films it’s all about box office sells. The writer is not being negative about the film itself. It’s more about if we can expect more films like this. So far that would be no unless they hit he says 250 but I would argue 200 million. Don’t take it as an insult to the movie.

  7. Typical article from some jerk who can’t understand why a man who has been dead more years than he lived , is still loved, remembered and adored by so many of us.
    The most beautiful man who ever lived, Elvis Arron Presley. ❤ ❤❤❤❤

    1. no question this movie would have equaled Bohemian Rhapsody or even passed the $ figure if not for so many people still having the post covid jitters of going out to a movie or even to eat.

  8. Surely once it’s finished it’s international run and then moved on to cable tv Netflix and the like it will keep generating money for Warner..

  9. If you ask people worldwide 80% of the people younger than 45 won’t know who Elvis was. He is an integral part of American culture, but to the rest of the planet he’s just a singing actor who died half a century ago.
    Freddie Mercury’s legacy was kept alive by Queen and metalheads worldwide. Even most Elvis impersonators have passed away.
    Those who financed this well crafted solidly made movie are boomers with no understanding of younger generations. To them Elvis is filled with memories and meaning, to younger people he’s largely irrelevant, just like the Beatles or Dylan who haven’t aged well.

      1. Absolutely not true I’m 38 and clearly know who elvis is and was my neices and nephews know who elvis is and was

    1. I’m 35 from Chile and i know who Elvis is and loved the film.
      He is part of the world culture not only american.

    2. Definately smoking his socks!! My grandson’s aged 22 and 25 both saw it, one absolutely loved it and the other liked it …. he didn’t like the fact that rap music was played in the movie. Fantastic movie!

    3. I am sorry, Chris, but what the hell!
      I am younger than 45 and I am not American. I know damn well who he is. And so do many people at my age.
      I would say 80% people know who he is, no matter where they live. Especially in western world.

  10. You should see all the young folks that go to Graceland. Where have you been. All the young folks that are looking for his LP albums.I went to see the film and there was a lot alot of younger folks there.

  11. Pacer. The Elvis Movie already is a big Success I’ve seen it Several times and a lot of younger people have Discovered Elvis on tic tok also on Billboard The Movie Sound track hit number one and 3 Elvis Albums entered the charts Plus Rotten Tomato’s audience rating was 94% The writer of this Story clearly isn’t an Elvis fan and he didn’t due much Due Diligence with real facts

  12. This is bs article. Its here for weeks. They only change the money numbers. But the rest never changes. Its written for its own agenda

  13. All the others are correct, Elvis is known and loved by many generations. I know a 12 year old girl that adores Elvis…and dresses in that time period. The movie Elvis is very sad as one comment said, but it also shows the real Elvis and the hardships he had to endure to be an entertainer. Through the many ETAs Elvis is kept alive and adored throughout the world. Austin Butler couldn’t have done a better job playing Elvis. He’s rekindled a passion that is out there for Elvis. It is now stronger than it has been in the past few years. Bravo Elvis!!!

  14. I loved this movie and have seen it more than once, while there are parts not factual, overall Austin Butler deserves an Oscar or his performance. Everyone knew he had other women, but I didn’t know a lot of his personal business dealings and was glad Baz focused on this. As a baby boomer I grew up watching the Sunday afternoon movies on TV with Elvis, you rarely see them now, but this movie has resurrected his life and music even more so and introduced him to a newer generation, I spoke to two 20 year old that were seeing it for the third time, that was great to hear that he is being appreciated by a whole new generation. Thank you Baz for doing this and Austin, who to me is the re-incarnation of the King.

  15. This movie was brilliance…the beaming star that still radiates Light from the soul of Elvis Presley. My life changed from the day my eyes set on him when I saw Jailhouse Rock at the tender age of 5 and my world had forever changed because of that moment. I love this man honestly with all I can express. Thank you Elvis for all the joy you gave that little girls life then and still today.

  16. As an avid Elvis and overall music lover of the 60’s beat music , 70’s hardrock , soul , disco , punk , electric boogie , etc , i was very sceptical about this movie at first cause thusfar noone did Elvis justice until now. Baz Luhrmann was the right filmmaker to make this movie . Let’s say what Schindler’s list was for Steven Spielberg . Baz Luhrmann did his research very well to the detail to make Elvis , and his vision was that of someone who made this film with love with out becoming a fanboy and falling into the average , general fan favorite way of making things . Not to forget Baz Lurhmann himself was also an Elvis fan at an early age . So taking on your idol’s legacy is a hell of a job and he did it perfect . And to know that he shot 4 hrs of ELVIS means there will be more exclusive stuff coming up these years to enjoy like with the movie Avatar wich also was a breaktrough movie in film history . What was my favorite scene of the film ELVIS? The scene were Elvis returns to the stage at the International Hotel for the first time in years and rehearsing with his new band and building up the song “thats all right” in his modern gospel way . First the black gospel church clapping his was inspired by as a kid trough his black backing girls, then putting in the guitar style of James Burton , then the bass , then the horns with it’s famous know high and low cords you remember when in ancient Rome during gladiator matches , matches were announced , then the deafening trombones to make it more dramatic and finally the drumroll we all know trough Elvis his concerts to start the show and then…. the curtain opens and The Show concert starts . You don’t see that anymore at today’s artist . such an entrance . Of course not cause only the greatest can do such called “The King” .

  17. Best movie I have seen for a LONG time – saw it twice and maybe l more time/ Austin Butler was absolutely FANTASTIC !!!!!!! It covered the “black / white” issues / the talent, the sadness and history / LOVED it so much / Butler deserved the BEST AVAILABLE to him xox

  18. It is easily going to make half as much again in DVD and BluRay releases. Minimum 10 million people worldwide are going to collect it…….some because they collect libraries of historic movies, others who have seen the film in theaters multiple times and will stream watch it even more, then will also buy it to continue watching it even after it is no longer streaming. This film is just going to keep giving and giving for a very long time.

    Just wish for the sake of the director and the actors and all others who worked on the film and for audiences that it had been kept in theaters for 10 months like Bohemian Rhapsody was. Its legs on charts are fantastic, but so many people are going to have to settle for seeing it at home. Audiences deserve the visual and sound spectacle of this movie that can only be experience totally in a theater. But alas, it seems as though the days of movies being in theaters for a minimum of 90 days are long gone.

  19. I’m a lifelong Elvis fan and here’s my two cents. CONS: Movie would have been 10x better if they had used Elvis’ original soundtracks on all songs. I was disappointed they didn’t use his vocals on most of the soundtrack. Austin is a talented actor, but did not have the charisma Elvis had, not even close. Also, his likeness to the real Elvis was just too far off for me. PROS: It helped to keep Elvis’ memory alive.

  20. Elvis film is getting my cheers . Very well done. The biggest thing for me is the hope that it will give the real elvis the exposure to a younger group . The bulk of his music is so great and needs to be appreciated by a lot more people. I cheer for a surge in his popularity. Cheer Elvis ! Yes!!!

  21. I ‘m young but I love the movie ELVIS. So Kris speak for yourself and not for the 80% of the younger population you are talking about. AUSTIN BUTLER is spectacular in his performance. I’m mesmerized and now a fan. Will see the movie over and over again.

  22. @ Freddy : “Movie would have been 10x better if they had used Elvis’ original soundtracks on all songs. I was disappointed they didn’t use his vocals on most of the soundtrack.” 😀 Life long ? Since when? 1980? I since the 1960 ! so go figure. Regarding the original soundtrack : If u saw the explanation of Baz Luhrmann he told everybody he couldn’t use Elvis 50’s music vocals because they were none useable for the movie So he had to improve with mixture of Elvis his voice and Austin’s real voice for the 50’s scene’s . End result wasn’t bad at all and pretty good, So you are whining about nothing . Also Baz Lurhmann did use Elvis original music after the 50’s but they were updated and mixed to 21st Century standards to fit the film and be modern for the 21st Century generations . That you don’t like that is your fault of not recognzing how things work in the industry and marketing and sales when it comes to deliver an great end product what has to sell millions . So next time if you complain think before you whine and be educated before you write something down or else you look dumb .


  24. I have been an Elvis fan since 1956- am now 88 in a nursing home so was unable to go see the movie at the theater but my son bought it for me on Amazon so I have watched it 7 times- cried every time. My opinion is that the more a person knows aout Elvis, the more they will love him. Austin Butler will get Best Actor Oscar at the Academy this Spring or they need to just shut the Academy down, I am not done with watching that movie yet.

    1. And top 5 in all VOD and selling like hotcakes as well. It will reach US$300m worldwide after the nominations and awards as it is not obligatory ro show it for a week in 5 major cities. It needs US$14m to get there.

    2. Corretion

      And top 5 in all VOD and selling like hotcakes as well. It will reach US$300m worldwide after the nominations and awards as it is now obligatory ro show it for a week in 5 major cities. It needs US$14m to get there.

  25. I liked the movie, although it took me some time, and a nap after watching it the first time, to let the first half sink in before I knew what I thought. I did love the second half from the get-go. I knew there were many inaccuracies throughout and I had to think about the “why” and put it into context. To simplify everything I will talk about the great scene where Austin, as Elvis, sings the song “Trouble,” at his welcome home, homecoming concert after a controversial appearance on the “Steve Allen,” show where they dressed Elvis in a tux and had him sing hound do to a dog. Elvis was humiliated and felt they were trying to change him. So the next weekend was the concert in Memphis at Russwood Park and Elvis did tell the crowd that he wasn’t going to let the people in New York change him and that they would see the real Elvis that night. Many fans of the movie were critical of the fact that Elvis didn’t sing “Trouble” that night in real life. That didn’t bother me after thinking about it because he did record it 1.5 years later, so it was time period correct enough for me, and I felt the song fit the mood of the scene. Also, Elvis didn’t wiggle his pinky finger that night either, but did one months later in Florida. The crowd storming the stage and having a bit of a riot didn’t happen that night as well, but did happen at least 2 times within that time period, once in Kansas City, and again in Texas when a fan even put a foot through Elvis’s guitar. It became clear that Baz was stitching together many different actual events into one scene. It was technically inaccurate, but as a composite piece, it was very accurate, and a way for Baz to include many more things that happened in Elvis’s life/career than if he used a more docudrama or typical biopic type approach. So, I noticed he did this quite a few times, like how he fired Colonel was another one where it didn’t happen that way, but he was combining many things into one composite scene. I am proud of this movie, because of several reasons, one, an earlier commenter mentioned how it put to rest this false image of Elvis as this “Thank you, thank you, very much,” type parody and joke of an artist that had began to be the main thing younger people would find when first learning of him, and it reestablished his true importance and showed him as the serious artist he was, and the movie has built a counter to the underground runaway train of how Elvis stole from black music and culture, and showed how he naturally grew up in and around the black culture and was influenced by that, and it organically manifested within him along with the white culture and country and gospel music from that area too. So, it showed how he was just a part of that evolvement of that whole segregated scene and how he helped break down doors for his fellow black artists and not intentionally benefitting himself at the cost of his fellow black artists like the haters believe. He should be thanked for helping bring white people to black music at a time where it was illegal for either race to have anything to do with one another, instead of accusations that he was taking from them while leaving them outside looking in, when that just is not true, and this movie helps deflate that balloon of lies.

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