Is Father Stu Hit Or Flop? Unexpected Box Office Result of Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Father Stu’

Father Stu Movie
Is Father Stu Hit Or Flop? Unexpected Box Office Result of Mark Wahlberg's 'Father Stu'
Is Father Stu Hit Or Flop? Unexpected Box Office Result of Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Father Stu’ (PicSource: Sony Pictures)

Mark Wahlberg’s holy week release biographical drama ‘Father Stu’ has received mixed reviews from the audience and critics, especially praised for Mark’s excellent performance. But still, the film did not perform well at the ticket window, and that’s not a happy thing for filmmakers, especially for Mark Wahlberg, who is also the producer of the film.

Is Father Stu Hit Or Flop?

Is Father Stu Hit Or Flop? Unexpected Box Office Result of Mark Wahlberg's 'Father Stu'
Is Father Stu Hit Or Flop? Unexpected Box Office Result of Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Father Stu’ (PicSource: Sony Pictures)

According to reports, Mark Wahlberg starring in Stuart Long’s (a boxer-turned-Catholic priest) biography film ‘Father Stu’, released in the USA on 13 April 2022 in more than 2700 theaters, collected $1.5 million on its opening day and $5.70 million on its opening weekend at the domestic box office (USA & Canada). Overall, ‘Father Stu’ has so far collected $20.88 million at the domestic box office (USA & Canada)[1] and $21.59 million worldwide, including $707k overseas. Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Father Stu’ is a small budget film, and the budget for the film is est $30 million, including all expenses.

Before the release, critics expected $5-10 million on the opening weekend, and with the collection of $5.70 million, ‘Father Stu’ performed up to expectations. But it is not enough to become a successful film. ‘Father Stu’ is an average small budget film, but still, compared the budget, ‘Father Stu’ did not perform well at the box office, and overall, critics and news portals considered ‘Father Stu’ a Flop film at the box office.

Talking about the critical response, then ‘Father Stu’ received a 6.5/10* IMDb rating, and on Rotten Tomatoes, it is scored 42/100% based on 125 reviews.

‘Father Stu’

Is Father Stu Hit Or Flop? Unexpected Box Office Result of Mark Wahlberg's 'Father Stu'
Is Father Stu Hit Or Flop? Unexpected Box Office Result of Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Father Stu’ (PicSource: Sony Pictures)

The biographical drama ‘Father Stu’ is directed and written by Rosalind Ross and stars Mark Wahlberg (also a producer), Mel Gibson, and Jacki Weaver. ‘Father Stu’ was produced under the production banners of Columbia Pictures, Municipal Pictures, and CJ Entertainment and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.

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41 thoughts on “Is Father Stu Hit Or Flop? Unexpected Box Office Result of Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Father Stu’

        1. I didn’t move during the movie.I don’t think I blinked…I was afraid I was going to miss something. Amazing job by Wahlberg!!

    1. True. The producers are idiots. What made them think making a R rated movie about a priest would be a financial success? Non religious people will not be interested, and those that are religious will be turned off from taking their families. Should have aimed for pg13 given the subject matter, and it would have made more money.

      1. I think, in this case, they were portraying a man and his life journey – which was extraordinary! I don’t like to be around folks who talk like this, but it was necessary in Father Stu if they were true to the character. I recommended it to all family members with the caveat that if anyone was automatically offended by bad language, it might not be the movie for them. When the movie is based on a true story, they shouldn’t dress it up, it should be told the way it was. It had special meaning for me as U am very close to someone who was diagnosed with IBM.

  1. I found this film to be uplifting and better the second time I saw it. I have a feeling it will be a huge rental hit. People are still afraid of theaters.

    1. That is ridiculous you know it’s a movie about the catholic religion how could that offend you 😂😂

  2. My wife and I saw the movie and felt it was a great, true faith story that showed that God is truly alive today by changing a man who was a total atheist and immoral to becoming not only a Christian but moreover an “on fire” Catholic priest who transformed many peoples lives including his only family of non-believers. The film had great value for us Christians and non -believers alike! God is alive and well!!

    1. I think you missed the point. He was never immoral. Fair to say he found his path later in life but I don’t think the fact he was not religious and used foul language made him immoral. It’s not like it’s a story of a rapist / murderor changing their ways.

      1. I Agree. The work he is putting out is amazing. THE most underrated guy in the movie business. Since we’re handing out nominations to Mark Wahlberg let’s give him one for “Joe Bell” as well. How about re-releasing that one for Pride in June?

  3. Loved the movie, loved the story. I too had to see it twice to truly appreciate. I plan to see it a 3rd time. I thought all 3 main actors did a great job portraying the Long family. Thanks Mark for making this movie! No gun fights, gangsters, high speed car chases etc..LOL!

  4. Mark Wahlberg puts forth an Oscar winning performance. An awe inspiring true story that incorporated and introduced Catholic beliefs and values to the general public. Great work for Marky, Father Stu, Catholics, and humanity!!!

    Marky keep it up my Bosto. Brothah!!!!

  5. Great movie! The F bombs were part of Young Stu and the anger toward his earth father was very raw but ALL led to God redemptive power. I will watch 5 more times….more comes out each time. Simple message – God loves us in all our imperfect ways.

  6. Love to hear all these nice reviews, agreed Jesus loves us all but he hates our sins. If this movie could save even one person it would be priceless, in Jesus name, Amen

  7. Film Review: FATHER STU (2022): Mark Wahlberg is Terrific in New Drama About Finding One’s Purpose in Life
    I had a personal interests in wanting to see Father Stu my cousin Colleen Camp as one of the executive producers.
    Believe it or not my sister Shelley Camp and I just missed having dinner with Mark Wahlberg and Colleen had we been in Orange County instead of Beverly Hills ironically we had just been in Orange County earlier that day.
    I also am interested in true stories especially regarding people spiritual journeys especially ones that are dramatic as portrayed in this true life story of Father Stu.
    I thought both Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson were very convincing and at the right times gave very emotional performances.
    Anyone who has experienced a life-changing moment or time that are transformational will understand what happened to Father’s Stu.
    Many times these kinds of experiences are at a time of crisis in one’s life where they need what would you would say a divine intervention to transform somebody’s life.
    This also can happen in the near death experiences where people go to that spiritual realm and come back and usually have special abilities they didn’t have before the near death experience and develop a new path for their lives that are usually helping people.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the movie I was hoping in parts that it would go more into depth about the spiritual experience that happened to Father Stu.
    This kind of experiences transforms peoples lives to where they truly help people in a spiritual way to also transform
    their lives and help people heal.
    I have a screenplay a fantasy romance entitled Destiny which is a fantasy romance adventure but it encompasses spiritual concepts of Karma, past lives, reincarnations, soulmates and the enternal power of love to transcend time.
    The concepts aren’t handled in a heavy manner but they’re all interwoven within the story! It really is a love story involving soulmates journey: it makes the impossible possible!
    Maybe we could use some of that kind of story after these times we’ve endured!
    See Father Stu: you will be inspired and enlightened and you’ll feel better after seeing the movie than before.
    As a note Colleen also produced the movie Above Suspicion with Emelia Clarke (Who gives an amazing performance you would almost not know it was Emelia Clarke) which is also based on a true story and I highly recommend you see that movie as well.
    Yes: movies can be transcending in ways for people that see them with the stories and messages they portray as well!
    Blessings everyone!

  8. Surprisingly powerful. Try not to be turned off by the rituals of the Catholic mass and the rosary beads. If you are not Catholic I think that makes this a really difficult film to get through. But if you take it all in Wahlberg does a great job of conveying the suffering and power of Father Stu’s journey, and delivering a message that has the power to change the way people look at their lives. After the first half of the film I was giving it about a 5/10, by the end I was at 7.5/10 and a strong recommendation to others.

  9. Continuation of immediate previous review: 7.5 /10 reflects my rating on a pure scale of enterntainment.
    In my personal library it holds an 8/10 due to the strength of the message that it delivered directly to me. Many films are entertaining in a forgetful way. Father Stu has had an impact on me, and is one of the rare movies that has made it into my Re-watch category.

  10. We loved it! We didn’t see it in the theaters because I got Covid. We rented it on Amazon as I couldn’t wait to see it. It was wonderful.

  11. A wonderful film that inspires forgiveness and reinvigorates faith – definitely a worth watching this movie. I would have like to have met Father Stu; the Catholic Church could use more priests of his caliber, experience and truth.

  12. Loved it the wife and I want to see it again
    Mark Wahlberg was fantastic best I have ever
    Seen him act , He was Father Stu to the bone!
    Great pick me up movie.E

    1. Excellent and loved by 3 generations in my family !! Ranging from age 30 up to 92 😊! We plan to watch it again !

  13. This is a great and touching movie, well worth watching. Sort of a rocky type film, very up lifting. Mark should get an Oscar for his acting abilities in this one!

  14. It was fabulous !!! Watched it on a flight home from Rome! Then had friends over and watched it again!
    Wish we had more inspiring films like this .

  15. Great movie!!
    Showed how God can touch and change anyone.
    We must have faith and believe that God is all power.
    A movie that shows that anything is possible to anyone that is willing to give themself to God.

  16. This was an amazing, uplifting movie. Made me cry like a baby! Mark Wahlberg is just brilliant in this role. It is so sad a movie is rated by the opening sales and not its content. I’ve seen little treasures that were completely ignored or had “mixed reviews”, movies that are incredibly good for the heart and the soul but not for the pockets of Hollywood producers. I put this movie in that category… a little treasure!!!

  17. Just want to say to Mark Wahlberg, God bless you for making the movie! Not sure you’ll ever see this but so thankful that movies based on real events that are truly inspiring to Christian’s are still being made! Thank you for the message of true humility and how we can have that relationship with our creator that teaches us through the difficult things in life. Truly inspirational and I hope more see it! Thank you!

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