The Woman King Box Office Prediction: Eyeing a $15 Million Opening Weekend

The Woman King Box Office Prediction: Eyeing a $15 Million Opening Weekend
The Woman King Box Office Prediction: Eyeing a $15 Million Opening Weekend (Pic Source: Sony Pictures/ The Woman King)

Starring Viola Davis, Thuso Mbedu, Lashana Lynch, Sheila Atim, and John Boyega and Sony Pictures production, the story of African woman warriors ‘The Woman King’ is all set for theatrical debut and the film’s official releases in the USA on September 16, 2022[1]. The first critical reaction to Gina Prince-Bythewood’s direction is marvelous, and there is no doubt that it can also be considered quite irresistible in the eyes of the box office. Due to good word of mouth, Sony Pictures’ is expecting a special opening from the medium-budget production.

The Woman King Box Office Prediction

The Woman King Box Office Prediction: Eyeing a $15 Million Opening Weekend
The Woman King Box Office Prediction: Eyeing a $15 Million Opening Weekend (Pic Source: Sony Pictures/ The Woman King)

Considering the word of mouth and buzz, Sony Pictures and experts are expecting a $15-20 million opening weekend from ‘The woman King’ in over 3000 theaters, which is not an impressive debut, and it’s also not good against the production budget of $50 million before P&A. Not only this, the $15-20 million debut is average numbers, talking about the minimum, then as per many reports, the film will be debut with just $10 million, and if this happens then it is a loss of production.

Besides opening, the total box office projection is currently at $40-45 million domestically and $70-80 million worldwide, and looking at these numbers, ‘The woman King’ is not proven to be profitable in any way. So overall, it is coming out that the film will be a box office failure.

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The Woman King Box Office Prediction: Eyeing a $15 Million Opening Weekend
The Woman King Box Office Prediction: Eyeing a $15 Million Opening Weekend (Pic Source: Sony Pictures/ The Woman King)

But apart from all this, critical reviews are good, and if the audience reviews are also in favor and the film manages to maintain the buzz, then maybe the box office table looks good. In Last, the black and white affair done in the interviews is also making a lot of impact at the box office.

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18 thoughts on “The Woman King Box Office Prediction: Eyeing a $15 Million Opening Weekend

  1. Well if none of you see it everyone black will see it and the rest of yall pay for it and watch it at home as you always have. Its okay it will do very well cus all these other folks with mixed babies with that extra melanin will want to see it..yup some of yall grandkids lol. It isn’t for you anyway. We didn’t watch top gun so its all good.

    1. So much racism in just one short comment. Wake up, if only people the same race, ethnicity, or religion as the people in Hollywood movies went to see those movies, then the only group mostly filling up every theater would be J ews. But in reality, you are allowed to see any movie you want to see. You brought up Top Gun, well it ain’t like only scientologists went to that movie. So I dont know why you have that attitude but most people don’t.

    2. #boycottthewomanking Iam ADOS “ American descendants of slavery” I will not be paying my money to watch the dehomey tribe that owed slaves and sold slaves. We must stop falling for all the tricks. My people need to know who you are and who you are not. If you are going to support this move and your ADOS/black you should also let the confederates know you cool with them too. A slave owner is a slave owner no matter if they have melanin or not! Check so you will learn how to connect the dots and stop falling for emotionalism and symbolism!

      1. It’s a wonderful thing to bring back movies that tell the history of blacks in America and Africans. The Jews still teach their children about their captivity as slaves in Egypt, which is why Moses still sale. Stop advocating to stop the truth, no matter how painful it’s part of American and African History. Besides allot of people sale their own people, it’s
        called Human Trafficking now.

    3. The thing is that this movie is about the female soldiers that sold black freedman into slavery. Black people that came from slavery should not support this movie in any way, It’s a slap in the face!

  2. The top reasons this is flopping hard:
    1. Nobody likes to watch women fight, even when it’s pretend.
    2. The title is really nonsensical, especially after the prominence of the word “queen” in recent years.
    3. You can’t guilt, beg and coerce enough people to cover a $100M cost.
    4. The truth came out that the Dahomey tribe actually owned slaves and SOLD slaves to Europeans. (yeah, google that)
    5. Girls can’t beat up boys no matter how bad you want that to be true. 💪🏼

      1. Not when fighting an equally trained MMA male fighter.

        I’ve watched many many of these kickboxing cardio moms get smashed by completely untrained men. Sometimes smaller men. They slap a man thinking the man won’t smash their face in. Then act all shocked when they have to get their jaw wired shut.

        1. So no woman alive can beat up any man? So no guy ever can be beat by ANY woman? That’s a stupid comnent. Please. Half the guys on this site can be beat up by a woman!

      2. That women MMA fighter will not whoop a male MMA fighter tail at all. Can’t compare an MMA women to an average man, compare MMA to MMA & it wouldn’t even be close. Smh

    1. Girls can’t best up boys? Really? Where do you live? Fool you suspend belief s million times when you watch a movie! No ma’am can kill 60 armed men with one gun either but you suck those movies up. A white dude with no legs can get into a fake blue giant body and within a month subdue a giant flying monster that none of the real blue people had done in a century either. But y’all bought that. Incels should just stop watching movies.

  3. Can’t wait to see this and Black Panther 2! We are absolutely going to rule the box offi especially this year! WAKANDA FOREVER

  4. From race to gender to just plain ignorance you can hide your identity from this comment section but not from God it’s those types of comments that teach children to hate and add fuel to fire we may not agree with each other but we can respect each other yet most will still choose to feed ignorance God did give us free will you don’t always have to respond to negativity it only breeds more negativity history is just that History we have the power to change the future together we will fall but united we can stand that’s how our wars were won not gender nor color specific I watched the movie it was great regardless of who ever did what in the past I can only be the best version of me today and Trust me we all fall short at times but it’s how you stand after that fall

  5. We have very small minds in a vast world of opportunities. This is what is stopping the world to prosper like is should.
    People are blinded by hate instead of embracing our individuality. Heaven will not have very few of us their.

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