Uncharted Box Office & Budget | Domestic & Worldwide

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Uncharted Box Office & Budget | Domestic & Worldwide
Uncharted Box Office & Budget | Domestic & Worldwide (Image Source: Instagram/ Uncharted Film)
Movie: Uncharted (2022)
Langauge & Genre: English Action-Adventure
Director: Rafe Lee Judkins
StarCast: • Tom Holland • Mark Wahlberg
Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing
Release Date: February 18, 2022 (USA)

Uncharted Box Office

DayDomestic Box Office
(USA & Canada)
Day 1$15.40 Million
Day 2$16.25 Million
Day 3$12.35 Million
Opening Weekend$44.10 Million {imp}
Day 4$7.30 Million
Day 5$4.16 Million
Day 6$2.35 Million
Day 7$2.30 Million
Week 1$76.63 Million {imp}
Day 8$5.95 Million
Day 9$10.75 Million
Day 10$6.31 Million
Day 11$1.48 Million
Day 12$2.22 Million
Day 13$1.35 Million
Day 14$1.08 Million
Week 2$12.64 Million {imp}
Day 15$2.98 Million
Day 16$4.88 Million
Day 17$3.23 Million
Day 18$840k
Day 19$1.12 Million
Day 20$826k
Day 21$937k
Week 3$14.83 Million (imp}
Day 22$2.43 Million
Day 23$4.14 Million
Day 24$2.67 Million
Day 25$1.01 Million
Day 26$1.37 Million
Day 27$1.10 Million
Day 28$1.04 Million
Week 4$13.79 Million {imp}
Day 29$2.29 Million
Day 30$3.53 Million
Day 31$1.99 Million
Day 32$640k
Day 33$888k
Day 34$691k
Day 35$607k
Week 4$10.66 Million {imp}
Lifetime Gross $148.53 Million

Total Gross & Verdict

Domestic Gross: $148.53 Million
Overseas Gross: $253.10 Million
Worldwide Gross: $401.63 Million
Uncharted Budget: $120 Million[1]
Uncharted Movie Verdict: Hit
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Important Information

Release InThetares
Widest Release4275 Theatres
Age RatingPG-13
Runtime1h 56m
IMDB Rating6.4/10* (137k Votes)
Rotten Tomatoes41/100% (247 Reviews)
Uncharted Box Office & Budget | Domestic & Worldwide


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One thought on “Uncharted Box Office & Budget | Domestic & Worldwide

  1. How is it a hit? It barely broke even, if that.

    Budget x 3= True cost of movie including the Marketing budget (Which is NEVER included), compare to gross. If equals then movie broke even. If surpasses then it’s made a profit.

    Gross =/= Net.

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