Sony’s 65 Budget Reportedly $90 Million, Not $45 Million

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Sony's 65 Budget Reportedly $90 Million, Not $45 Million
Sony’s 65 Budget Reportedly $90 Million, Not $45 Million (PicSource: Sony Pictures/65)

The sci-fi thriller ’65’ is one of Sony and Columbia Pictures’ biggest films of the year, and although the makers of the film have already accepted a loss, it does not mean that the money spent on the film has decreased. However, despite this, well-known portals have disclosed the film’s budget and declared it a small-budgeted film, which could be shocking to hear. In the following paragraphs, we will shed some light on this matter

Sony’s 65 Budget Reportedly $90 Million

65 Budget Reportedly $90 Million, Not $45 Million
Sony’s 65 Budget Reportedly $90 Million, Not $45 Million (PicSource: Sony Pictures/65)

Sources to the government have revealed that the total production budget for ’65’ amounts to roughly $90 million, excluding the costs of prints and advertising[1]. However, a recent report from a Hollywood portal stated that the film was financed with a budget of around $45 million, which is only half of what the government sources have indicated. According to reports, the portal’s reported budget is after-tax rebates, but it’s not proper and still questionable.

So, the government’s $90 million budget is the more accurate figure for ’65’, as a big production (Sony & Columbia Pictures) film within a big genre film. These are the same productions that have made short films like ‘A Man Called Otto’ or ‘The Woman King’ for $50 million. From the outset, ’65’ has been marketed as a big-budget film on dinosaurs, and there is no doubt that the production and making of such films are expensive. While a $45 million tax discount might seem surprising, likely, the actual tax rebate received was around $15-20 million, which would bring the budget down to $70-75 million, not a $45 million— Net budget also.

Under the production banners of Columbia Pictures, Bron Creative, Raimi Productions, and Beck/Woods, ’65’ was produced by Sam Raimi, Deborah Liebling, Zainab Azizi, Scott Beck, and Bryan Woods. The film will be distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.

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