Sony’s 65 Budget Reportedly $90 Million, Not $45 Million

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Sony's 65 Budget Reportedly $90 Million, Not $45 Million
Sony’s 65 Budget Reportedly $90 Million, Not $45 Million (PicSource: Sony Pictures)

The sci-fi thriller ’65’ is one of Sony and Columbia Pictures’ biggest films of the year, and although the makers of the film have already accepted a loss, it does not mean that the money spent on the film has decreased. However, despite this, well-known portals have disclosed the film’s budget and declared it a small-budgeted film, which could be shocking to hear. In the following paragraphs, we will shed some light on this matter

Sony’s 65 Budget Reportedly $90 Million

Sony's 65 Budget Reportedly $90 Million, Not $45 Million
Sony’s 65 Budget Reportedly $90 Million, Not $45 Million (PicSource: Sony Pictures)

Sources to the government have revealed that the total production budget for ’65’ amounts to roughly $90 million, excluding the costs of prints and advertising[1]. However, a recent report from a Hollywood portal stated that the film was financed with a budget of around $45 million, which is only half of what the government sources have indicated. According to reports, the portal’s reported budget is after-tax rebates, but it’s not proper and still questionable.

So, the government’s $90 million budget is the more accurate figure for ’65’, as a big production (Sony & Columbia Pictures) film within a big genre film. These are the same productions that have made short films like ‘A Man Called Otto’ or ‘The Woman King’ for $50 million. From the outset, ’65’ has been marketed as a big-budget film on dinosaurs, and there is no doubt that the production and making of such films are expensive. While the tax discount might seem surprising, likely, the actual tax rebate received was around 40%, which would bring the budget down to $45 million.

But still, apart from production, including the rest of the expenses, the cost will be around $70+/- million— especially the salaries of the cast and main crew. And keeping this in mind, it would be better to judge the film. Under the production banners of Columbia Pictures, Bron Creative, Raimi Productions, and Beck/Woods, ’65’ was produced by Sam Raimi, Deborah Liebling, Zainab Azizi, Scott Beck, and Bryan Woods. The film will be distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.

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